NEW YORK: Witch Hunt Against Trump Continues

In another round of witch hunts targeting President Trump, The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office is closing in on one of Trump’s closest employees and allies: Allen H. Weisselberg, the company’s long-time Chief Financial Officer.

Prosecutors are reportedly looking into perks that were awarded to the top executive, including tens of thousands of dollars for private schooling for one of Weisselberg’s grandchildren, along with car leases and apartment rent doled out by the organization.

The district attorney’s office is looking to see if these benefits were reported to the IRS and if taxes were properly paid on them, the Times reported. 

Fox News

This new round of persecution stems from a 3-year long investigation including, most notably, employees of the Trump Organization paying “hush money” to women who allegedly had sexual relations with Donald Trump.

Seeing how these are private matters that the US Constitution guarantees as “freedom of association”, this is governmental overreach by the Swamp – and it’s being done for one simple reason: because Donald Trump would not bow down to the Deep State and instead chose to use his Presidency for the benefit of the American people.