Thug Sneaks Up On Detective – What Happens Next Will Make Your Blood Boil

Thug hitting a detective in New York riots

“Welcome to NYC!” reads the tweet in which the DEA shared a shocking clip.

The video shows a hooded tug creeping up on a detective hitting him across the head with a plastic bat. It all happened in broad daylight in Queens, New York.

The attack is infuriating for any normal American. Or a sane person, for that matter.

You both feel for the detective on a personal level and dread over our collective safety. Things are getting seriously out of hand.

Racial politics are tying the hands of our police and invigorating the criminals.

We saw it in the Ohio shooting video and we’re seeing it here.

It’s now glaringly obvious that wokeness is the quicksand pulling our society into anarchy.

It’s a one-way ticket, too.