Tomi Lahren Sets Internet on Fire When She Says THIS about Flight Attendants

tomi lahren nazis of the air

After a group of high school students caused an overnight delay by refusing to wear face masks on a flight headed for the Bahamas, politicians and pundits began to sound off on the behavior of both the students and the flight attendants.

Naturally, people on the left attacked the students for being “selfish” while people on the right suggested that maybe it was time to end the mask mandate on flights.

Senator Rand Paul, for example, promised to introduce legislation to repeal the mask mandate on planes so that people can travel in peace.

But it wasn’t Rand’s common sense tweet that set the Internet on fire… rather, it was Tomi Lahren’s off-hand remark that some flight attendants are the “Nazis of the air.”

Watch below:

Here’s what Tomi said that made liberals so angry:

“I will say, there are so many good flight attendants out there, but there are some flight attendants out there that take their job as the mask police to extremes, becoming almost Nazis of the air, and it’s ridiculous. It drops beneath your nose, they’re constantly getting mad at you. It’s no wonder people are getting frustrated.

“We still need to act, obviously, decently. There’s no excuse for violence. But we need to lift the mask mandate in the air. And I have a feeling a lot of these issues will go away.”

Tomi’s main point is that some flight attendants are overzealous in enforcing the face mask rule, and that these confrontations and problems wouldn’t happen if the mask mandate was lifted. That’s a pretty reasonable stance, don’t you think?

Yet liberals have keyed in almost exclusively on Tomi’s use of the phrase “Nazis of the air” while disregarding everything else she said. Maybe they could focus on the real issue here, which is: Ending the face mask mandate for air travel.