Trump Says Biden Is ‘Poisoning Our Country,’ Is He Right?

Trump Being Compared To Who?

At a rally in Las Vegas, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) made a provocative comparison between former President Donald Trump and Jesus Christ, relating to Trump’s recent conviction. Greene criticized the persistent focus on Trump’s legal troubles by Democrats and the media, suggesting a parallel with historical injustices. She stated, “The Democrats and the fake news media keep saying, ‘President Trump is a convicted felon.’ Well, the man I worship was also considered a felon, and he was killed on a Roman cross.”

Trump was recently convicted for altering business records related to a payment made in 2016, which was intended to influence the election outcome, marking him as the first U.S. president to have a felony conviction. Trump has declared his intent to challenge the verdict.

Greene has previously likened Trump to significant historical figures who were persecuted, including before his arraignment in New York last year. She noted, “Trump joins some of the most remarkable figures in history who were arrested. Nelson Mandela was imprisoned, and Jesus was arrested and executed by the Romans.”

Following Trump’s conviction, the response from Republican circles has been vociferously defensive, with his campaign turning the situation into a fundraising opportunity, claiming to have generated $35 million in the hours following the conviction.

Current polls show Trump maintaining a competitive edge over President Biden in many crucial states. Trump’s upcoming schedule includes a presentencing interview, with his sentencing planned shortly before the Republican National Convention next month.