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By 2050, the coal industry is anticipated to undergo significant reductions, potentially leading to the loss of around a million coal-related jobs, according to recent research. This figure doesn’t account for further commitments to diminish coal usage.

The Global Energy Monitor’s study suggests that by 2050, approximately 990,200 coal mining positions worldwide could be eliminated. By 2035, it’s predicted that 414,200 of these jobs will no longer exist.

This translates to an average of 100 job losses daily, indicating that by 2050, about 37% of the current 2.7 million-strong coal workforce might be affected.

The research, which examined 4,300 ongoing and proposed coal ventures globally, highlighted that China and India are likely to see the most significant reductions in coal jobs.

China, responsible for half of the global coal production and employing over 1.5 million in the coal sector, might see a decline of approximately 241,900 jobs by 2050.

On the other hand, India, ranking as the second-highest coal producer globally, could witness around 73,800 of its 337,400 coal workers losing their jobs by the same year.

Earlier, the European Union’s climate head had voiced concerns about China’s persistent growth in coal-based plants, given its position as the leading coal producer and consumer.