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Donald Trump Criticizes Mitt Romney for Statements About Melania

Donald Trump’s representatives have strongly criticized Senator Mitt Romney following the release of an excerpt from Romney’s upcoming biography, which recounts an alleged incident where Trump boasted about potentially ending his relationship with his then-girlfriend Melania.

The biography, “Romney: A Reckoning” by journalist McKay Coppins, details an episode where Trump, while at a New England Patriots game, allegedly bragged to Romney’s son Josh about the high demand for his girlfriend, Melania, should they ever break up. This account is part of a book based on extensive interviews, as well as access to Romney’s personal journals and emails, and is slated for release on October 24.

In response to the excerpt, a spokesperson for Trump retorted by dismissing Romney as “a loser,” accusing him of fabricating stories to maintain his relevance. The spokesperson’s statement to Rolling Stone also blamed Romney for his failed campaign against Barack Obama, contributing to current national challenges.

The specific timeline of the Patriots game incident remains unclear, although both Romney and Trump were seen together at a game on January 10, 2004. Trump and Melania got engaged later that year in April and married in January 2005.

The book also explores Romney’s early perceptions of Trump from their first meeting in 1995, arranged at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. Romney, who had established a successful career in private equity, was curious about a potentially unusual encounter with the then-celebrity real estate figure. Their interaction was indeed strange, marked by an over-the-top reception organized by Trump. Despite this, Romney didn’t anticipate any future engagements with him.

Although Trump endorsed Romney’s 2012 presidential run, their relationship soured over the years, particularly after Romney’s public condemnation of Trump in 2016 and his subsequent votes to convict in Trump’s impeachment trials. These actions placed Romney in a small group of Republican figures who have openly opposed Trump, often at the cost of political isolation and personal threats, as evidenced by Romney’s need for private security since the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot.

Romney recently declared he wouldn’t pursue another Senate term, instead calling for fresh leadership. Despite his withdrawal, he promised continued engagement in critical national issues and criticized the approaches of both President Joe Biden and Donald Trump towards significant challenges like national debt, climate change, and foreign threats.