Trump Says He Never Took An Oath ‘To Support U.S. Constitution,’ Is He Right?

Mike Huckabee Warns That Voting to Impeach Biden Could Lead to Political Turmoil

Ex-Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, a Republican, cautioned on Monday that a potential impeachment move against President Biden could spell trouble for the House Republicans. Speaking to “Just the News No Noise” on Real America’s Voice, Huckabee emphasized the need for bipartisan support before initiating impeachment proceedings.

Former Speaker Kevin McCarthy (Republican from California) initiated an inquiry in September into Biden, focusing on the president’s family and their international business engagements. Huckabee advised restraint, labeling any hasty impeachment efforts without further information as a significant error. He highlighted the futility of such a move, especially with little chance of it progressing in the Senate, and labeled it a “political disaster.”

Huckabee opined that until Democrats join Republicans in acknowledging Biden’s alleged corruption, the GOP should concentrate on other priorities, like election victories. He suggested a strategy of gradually releasing information about Biden’s alleged connections to the Chinese Communist Party and focusing on a campaign that highlights the perceived benefits of Donald Trump’s presidency compared to Biden’s.

This perspective followed some Senate Republicans’ expressions of dissatisfaction with McCarthy’s decision to open the inquiry, fearing potential negative repercussions for the party.

Recently, New Speaker Mike Johnson (Republican from Louisiana) expressed his full support for the Biden impeachment inquiry, commending the efforts of the committee chairs leading this investigation.

In the same interview, Huckabee also criticized the current Republican National Committee (RNC) leadership, lamenting the lack of a unified, compelling message for the party. He reminisced about better coordination and more effective election strategies under previous RNC leadership, suggesting the current approach lacks clarity and fails to resonate with the American public.