Trump Says This About CRT – Liberals Lose it Like Never Before

trump speech turning point

If there ever was a cause that we all need to stand behind, it’s the fight against the indoctrination of our children through Critical Race Theory.

In that fight, we need our leader more than ever.

We need his direct language and his audacity to say things that most people, even in the GOP, won’t.

On Saturday night, Trump gave a speech at the “Protect Our Elections Rally” (an event hosted by Turning Point Action) and tore CRT to shreds.

“This poisonous left-wing doctrine is flagrant racism, plain and simple, and it has no place in our schools, no place in our military and no place in our country.”

And the leftists are apoplectic, stooping to the lowest of insults in their reactions.

I have to admit that there’s pleasure in reading their enraged responses – it comes from knowing that CRT is done and there’s nothing they can do about it.

Except blabber…