Trump vs. Biden Crowd This Week – Difference Is UNBELIEVABLE (Photos)

biden vs trump

If you needed a ‘tangible’ way to measure the support Biden and Trump enjoy, the crowds at their events provided just the thing.

Thousands of people ‘wrapped’ the Phoenix arena Saturday to hear Trump speak, and a huge “Trump Won” banner dropped from the balcony.

In comparison, Biden’s CNN town hall in Cincinnati looks like a lemonade stand. And not a good one, either.

There was no old Biden crowd outside his Town hall this week. In fact, the venue for his CNN town hall in Cincinnati was about one-fourth full. Of course, CNN hid  this from the American public.

The Gateway Pundit

This isn’t exactly news, but it’s a great reminder that we’ll be reclaiming our country soon.

Even the people who did vote for the feeble-minded Biden have zero passion about his presidency.

The only people who do have any zeal for him are paid for it, like the mainstream media.

Here’s the Biden crowd from another angle.

Who won the election again?