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Republican Party Urges Christie to Withdraw from Race

Republican leaders are increasingly urging former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to exit the GOP primary race, favoring other candidates like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis or former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley as alternatives to Donald Trump.

Amidst the search for a Trump alternative, Christie’s campaign, focused on critiquing Trump, is struggling in a crowded field. As the Iowa caucuses approach, calls for his withdrawal are growing within the party. Sarah Matthews, a former Trump official and Haley supporter, believes Christie’s continued candidacy only aids Trump by splitting the vote.

In New Hampshire, Christie is in third place but lags behind in other key states. Despite this, he remains optimistic about his campaign’s momentum. His campaign advisor, Mike DuHaime, questions the logic of withdrawing in favor of other trailing candidates, emphasizing Christie’s willingness to confront Trump.

Some party members, like former Representative Charlie Bass, believe it’s too early for Christie to withdraw. However, Roy Bailey, a former Trump donor now backing DeSantis, stresses the need for a direct face-off between DeSantis and Trump.

Republican strategist Mike Dennehy sees Christie lacking a strong path forward and views Haley as having a more established national campaign. Dennehy agrees with calls for Christie to detail a viable campaign strategy post-New Hampshire.

Trump’s lead in the polls raises doubts about the feasibility of any challenger. However, some like strategist Whit Ayres caution against making early predictions, advocating for a more humble approach to the unfolding political landscape.