Trump’s Fight Against Big Tech Just Hit a SPEED BUMP

Trump is rolling up his sleeves and taking the fight to Big Tech in the courtroom.

But the Deep State is throwing punches of their own. The lawsuits Trump is filing against Facebook and Google have fallen on the desk of “certain” judges – and guess who they were appointed by: Obama and HW Bush!

We saw Obama judges obstructing justice with unconstitutional and bizarre ruling to halt policies President Trump wanted in place to protect America.

The Gateway Pundit

Just this May, an Obama-appointed judge angrily suggested Steve Bannon should not be pardoned before angrily dismissing the case. These people aren’t even hiding their bias!

So if that’s the track record of Obama-appointed judges, then how are we supposed to trust Robert Scola Jr. – the judge assigned to Trump’s lawsuit against Twitter.

Or Kathleen H. William, another Obama judge who’s looking after Trump’s lawsuit against Facebook.

Finally, we have Obama-judge Kevin Michael Moore, who’ll be refereeing the fight between Trump and YouTube.

This is not a coincidence. This is not an accident. The Deep State is pulling strings to defeat Donald Trump at all costs.

Stay tuned as this story develops.