Virgin Mary Statue Demolished for This ALARMING Reason (VIDEO)

Virgin Mary statue broken

The statue of the Virgin Mary is one of the two 84-year old statues that were smashed to pieces in New York on Saturday. The other is St. Thérèse of Lisieux.

Both stood in front of Our Lady of Mercy since the church opened its doors in 1937.

On Saturday, an enraged woman tore the statues down, dragged them to the street, and bashed them both in with a hammer.

The video is below, and it’s disturbing to watch:

So, what’s the reason behind this? Is it a random act of a crazy person?

I’d argue NO. In fact, I’d say absolutely NOT.

This is a part of a wave of anti-Christian attacks raging on, both in the US and Canada.

If it was one act of vandalism, it could be random.

If it’s five, it’s something to look into.

When the numbers go into dozens (at least 67 reported worldwide), it’s an undeniable wave of hate crimes.

Yet, you’ll never see it on CNN.

You also won’t hear a peep about it from our (supposedly) Catholic president.