WARNING: Biden’s DOJ Is Coming After White Conservatives

“White supremacists”, “domestic terrorists”, or “extremists”

These three stock phrases are repeated again and again by liberals in their rants against Trump supporters.

And now those phrases are being weaponized by the Democrats and their allies in the Deep State.

The reality is the DOJ is looking to make new laws to persecute people with whom they politically disagree.

The Justice Department did not mention BLM terrorists or Antifa terrorists; they are focused on so-called “white supremacists” – which is just code for Trump supporters/conservatives.

The FBI said white supremacists pose the most lethal threat despite the fact that BLM and Antifa have caused billions in damage, killed dozens of people and burned countless buildings to the ground over the last year.

The Gateway Pundit

But there’s something even more sinister going on here too.

Not only do Democrats and the Deep State loathe all Trump supporters, but they have an especially intense hatred toward white Trump supporters.

Their accusation of white supremacy is a made-up fantasy.

But there’s a reason they’re not saying ‘racial supremacy’, or making any references to BLM and Antifa, who’ve done most of the violence in America lately…

That reason is because white conservatives are their number 1 target.

This is a cancer on our country,” said Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-PA), chairman of the subcommittee. “Right-wing extremist attacks and plots have greatly outnumbered those from all other groups combined and caused more deaths as well.”

Again, no mention of BLM or Antifa terrorists and no mention of black on black violence that kills hundreds of blacks every year in Chicago.

Not a word about blacks attacking Asians. The Biden regime is specifically hunting down white people.

The Gateway Pundit

Whatever the Democrats and the Deep State think this is going to achieve, actively targeting tens of millions of Trump supporters won’t end well for them.