Dementia Joe Tries To Speak At G7 Summit – But His Brain Might Be Mush!

Poor Joe Biden just can’t remember what he’s talking about. In a recent speech, he kept mixing up Syria and Libya. His brain can’t keep anything straight, it seems.

In the clip below, Biden was asked what he will do to stop Russia’s “malign activities.” He then began rambling about Libya.. or is it Syria? This is the man that represents America on the world stage and he doesn’t even know what country he’s talking about!

The speech took place at the G7 Summit in Cornwall, UK. This is what we’re sending to other nations to speak on our behalf. Incoherent, rambling speech, mixing up countries. That’s our new President, ladies and gentlemen!

Biden has had a clear speech problem since before the election. But he was still the best the liberals could find! He looks like he’s just too tired and confused to continue on with this. Maybe we should just let him a nap and get someone better to speak to foreign nations.