Liberal Teacher Suddenly Realizes She’s White – But She’s Really Just Brainwashed

Schools in Washington state have just mandated teaching critical race theory in schools.

As if liberals weren’t already racist enough, they will now be teaching their children that they are either an oppressor or oppressed, all in an institutionalized setting.

“Brainwash ’em while they’re young!” seems to be their motto.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that teaching kids to look no further than the color of their skin is racist. This will undoubtedly breed more racism, more division, and more separation.

Take a look at this video explaining all the issues with critical race theory.


Washington to make “Anti racism” training mandatory in schools! #racism #woke #school #america #leftist #democrats #crt

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“Yesterday, I realized that I’m white. I was reading White Fragility. I realized that I’m white – as part of a white supremacy culture.”

“White” Washington School Teacher

Please note the above quote does not have a name, because we thought it would be too much white privilege to include that bit of information. We’re sure she would agree.