WATCH: Joe Biden Flubs His Lines During Q&A

Joe Biden has a habit of being incoherent on camera, and today was no exception.

Joe Biden on Tuesday delivered remarks on his administration’s ongoing Covid-19 efforts.

A reporter asked Joe Biden about his conversation with the Prime Minister of India as he walked away from the lectern.

India is currently experiencing a surge in Covid-19 cases so the Biden Admin is working to send India vaccines and other aid after being criticized for not helping.

Biden walked back to the lectern and told reporters, “I’m sorry…this is the last question I’m going to take. I’m really gonna be in trouble.”

Of course the reporters fell in line like a bunch of trained seals.

Joe Biden jumbled his words and mumbled through his one-minute answer on his admin’s efforts to help India.

The Gateway Pundit

You can watch the clip below, and notice how liberal journalists make no mention of his confusion.

It looks like Joe Biden isn’t the sharpest tool in the box. And neither is the liberal media, who go along with everything he says.