Watch Oregon Woman Makes Citizen’s Arrest on Man Found on Her Property

Well I guess we know who to call when they abolish the police: this lady right here [warning: language]: WATCH VIDEO

Excuse me sir, it looks like there’s a puddle forming there near your belt, are you going to be okay? You really shouldn’t be walking around setting things on fire.

I can’t believe how awesome this lady is. I’m honestly kind of intimidated. I mean, do people in Oregon just drive around packing heat like this? Because that’s amazing. I guess they’re not all tree-hugging hippies after all. This lady deserves a medal.

Did you notice how quickly the guy hit the ground when she yelled at him? He was definitely up to no good. And while he only goes in as a “suspected” arsonist I’m sure that’s the reason he was there. Perhaps he might have some sort of fascination with matches, keeps them as pets or something and likes to take them on walks. Yeah, that’s it! KEEP READING
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