WATCH: What THIS Mom & Son Did to America’s Flag Has Patriots Spitting Mad

This is why CRT must be banned from all public schools.

A disturbing video now going viral shows how it may be too late for some children – AND THEIR PARENTS. These poor souls have been brainwashed to hate America, her constitution and way of life.

The spread of anti-American vitriol is apparently now at alarming levels when you see acts like this done out in broad daylight – not by grown men or college aged kids but by elementary school children and soccer moms.

What this woke, sick mother/son duo did to Old Glory is so unpatriotic you will get fighting mad watching their wicked deed.

WATCH this little punk desecrate a neighbor’s American flag while his mother watches without saying a word to try to stop her boy. She must be proud.


Americans need to wake up to what’s going on right under their noses.

What is your local public school teaching the children? Do you know what the soccer mom across the street really believes about America?

Get engaged, folks.

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