WATCH: You Won’t Believe The Costumes At This Children’s Event

A library in London decided to host a summer children’s event, complete with performers dressed in costume. Sounds like a great, wholesome time for the kids, right? It should have been.

Instead, the library chose a very adult-themed group. A performer was costumed in a furry, colorful monkey suit, with a very large *ahem* man part hanging between his legs. Running around during an event for children.

Watch the insanity below:

Yes, this is the costume someone was allowed to wear at a child’s event. Bits dangling all over for kids to see.

The library did issue an apology condemning the costume.

How was this allowed, period? The clerks at the library, the person filming and posting on social media, even the performer themselves knew it was a child’s event. Why did no one stop this?

This same library apparently holds drag-queen story hour shows. Perhaps normalizing these things leads to no one knowing where the line is. Maybe the employees didn’t want to appear to be “bigoted” so nothing was said to protect the children from this monstrosity.

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