Wealthy Libertarian “Conspiracy Theorist” Found Dead in Jail Cell

John McAfee tattoo

He made billions leading a famous computer security company that bears his name – ran for President with the Libertarian Party – and spent the last 9 months of his life in a Spanish prison, waiting to be extradited to the U.S. for “tax crimes.’

Today, John McAfee is reportedly dead by suicide.

But was it a suicide? According to McAfee’s own Twitter account, “U.S. officials” were coming after him, making subtle threats that he would be “suicided” like many speculate happened to Jeffrey Epstein.

Here is what McAfee tweeted from prison back in October:

Back in 2019, McAfee appears to already be concerned about his well being.

He started a cryptocurrency in ’19 called “WHCKD” (pronounced “whacked”). The name of the cryptocurrency was intentionally chosen to bring attention to the suspicious death of Jeffrey Epstein.

On November 30, 2019, McAfee tweeted: “Getting subtle messages from U.S. officials saying, in effect: “We’re coming for you McAfee! We’re going to kill yourself.” I got a tattoo today just in case. If I suicide myself, I didn’t. I was whacked. Check my right arm.”

Here’s the full photo McAfee posted:

More Cryptic Tweets from @officialmcafee

What appears to be the starting point of this saga we will call McAfee vs. The Government began with an audacious claim John McAfee made and published in 2019.

Two years ago, McAfee said he possessed “31+ terabytes of ‘incriminating’ information on ‘elite’ world officials.” He also promised that this information would be released in the event of his death or disappearance.

Interestingly, McAfee posted a video on July 20, 2020 calling out the Deep State. This was one week before a warrant was issued for his arrest.


Less than a year later, McAfee is dead.

Other tweets McAfee made from jail repeatedly pointed out that he would never commit suicide by his own hand in jail. Other tweets were reflective and surprisingly optimistic.

Like this one made just five days before his death:

Here in his last pinned tweet atop his page, McAfee says all of his assets were seized, yet he has no regrets:

During his final months, McAfee made a bunch of interesting, sad, and troubling tweets you can read on his Twitter account: @officialmcafee

Did McAfee commit suicide?

Like Jeffrey Epstein, we may never know for sure.

John McAfee said he would never do it. But who knows. If his despair reached the breaking point, or he did not want to come back to America for some reason, then perhaps he did decide to commit suicde?

We will report any further developments on this story as they break.

Let’s now close this out with John McAfee’s last video released from prison called “Why Does Power Corrupt?”

What do you think happened to John McAfee?

  1. First the guy that caught the Clintons now this guy ???

    The Democrats are really running afraid, suiciding all informants, sad state of affairs for society.

    Time to FLUSH the SWAMP!!!!

  2. An other one bites the dust💀 did he or didn’t he?I say probably he did it because he was,after all,a big drama 👑..but then again a sociopath usually won’t off themselves and they generally will have many enemies😈so in conclusion=only Hillary know for sure😷

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  4. I think he was “suicided”! It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last as long as Biden and his cronys and “family” members fill up the White House and DC!! Don’t believe for one minute that Epstein and McAfee offed themselves!!!

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