What Happened to This Woman After Her Second Experimental Jab is Gut Wrenching

Healthcare workers – including the majority of those who went to medical school and call themselves a doctor – are proving to be simple employees who do what they’re told.

There are very few independent doctors today who are brave enough to question the status quo on COVID-19 “vaccines.”

This sad situation combined with Big Pharma’s immunity to liability from jab side effects is prolonging the awakening of the masses.

However, people are indeed waking up.

If you are still asleep, maybe this will get your attention?

Woman Loses Both Hands and Legs to Amputation After COVID Jab

A woman in Minnesota who immigrated to the U.S. from Nigeria has already lost both legs due to immediate complications after the second COVID shot.

This is so sad:

Jummai Nache, and her husband, Philip Nache, were born in Nigeria and came to the U.S. to settle in Minneapolis a few years ago, working with the Southern Baptists to plant churches among the African communities living in Minneapolis.

They were reportedly forced to leave Nigeria due to the “Boko Haram terrorist group,” and eventually ended up in Minneapolis serving as missionaries with the Southern Baptists.

Tragically, it appears that the Naches have adopted many of the American Christians’ values here in the U.S., which includes participating in and trusting the corrupt medical system.

Jummaci was working as a medical assistant in a clinic in Minneapolis and was instructed to take the COVID-19 “vaccines.”

She complied, and immediately after getting the second injection, according to her husband, “she started to experience chest pain at work.”

Things went down hill fast after that, as the all-too-familiar symptoms of blood clots, a known side effect of the Pfizer COVID-19 shots, were found in her heart, and today she has had both legs amputated, and will also have to have both of her hands amputated.

Her case is supposedly “rare,” as her husband reports that after the CDC and “70-80” doctors investigated her case, and reported back to him:

the CDC sent us a letter of their conclusions which stated that Jummai was infected with MIS-A and covid-19, but they cannot conclude whether the covid-19 vaccine contributed for now.

Health Impact News

This is a heartbreaking case – one that gets swept under the rug by the corporate mainstream propaganda outlets.

There are too many other stories out there like Jummai’s that contradict the Big Pharma narrative being pushed by paid-off politicians and media outlets.

Even the inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology says something is terribly wrong with the COVID shots now being used.

God help us.

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