Who Had A Better Economy: Trump or Biden?

Biden Asserts He’s Not the Sole Democrat Capable of Beating Trump, But Vows Victory

On Wednesday, President Biden expressed his belief that there are “probably 50” Democrats capable of defeating former President Trump in a general election, yet he confidently stated that he himself would triumph in 2024. This statement was made following his comments at the White House regarding Ukraine funding.

Biden’s remarks follow a fundraiser event where he suggested that his decision to run for reelection in 2024 might have been influenced by Trump’s candidacy, viewing Trump as a unique threat to democracy. He emphasized his previous victory over Trump in 2020 as evidence of his capability to win again.

When probed about whether he would continue his campaign if Trump withdrew, Biden firmly stated that he would still run. This comes amidst an NBC News poll indicating Trump’s lag behind a generic Democrat and Biden’s similar trailing against a generic Republican in hypothetical matchups.

Despite Biden’s approval ratings hovering around 40% and a preference among many Democrats for a different candidate in 2024, the President and his team often refer to his 2020 win to argue his ability to successfully challenge Trump again. Most Democrats have shown support for Biden as the incumbent, with only Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.) posing a primary challenge to date.