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Sandra Day O’Connor, Trailblazing First Female Supreme Court Justice, Passes Away at 93

Sandra Day O’Connor, a pioneering figure in American jurisprudence as the first female Supreme Court Justice, passed away at the age of 93 on Friday. Her death, attributed to complications from advanced dementia, likely Alzheimer’s, and a respiratory condition, was officially announced by the Supreme Court.

O’Connor’s groundbreaking tenure on the Supreme Court began in 1981, following her appointment by President Reagan. Known for her role as a crucial swing vote in numerous significant decisions, her judicial approach left a lasting impact on the court. Before her historic appointment to the nation’s highest court, O’Connor had a distinguished career in Arizona, where she held positions in all three branches of the state’s government, showcasing her versatility and dedication to public service.

In 2018, a decade after her retirement from the Supreme Court, O’Connor shared with the public her diagnosis of dementia and stepped back from public engagements. Her journey through the judicial landscape as a moderate Republican and her ascent to one of the most influential positions in the American legal system remain inspirational, marking her as a trailblazer for women in the field of law and beyond.