Why Are Texas Democrats Evading Law Enforcement?

Democrats in Texas are once again pulling a dirty stunt so they can have their way. They are leaving Texas and headed towards D.C. so Republican lawmakers can’t vote on election reform.

Since two-thirds attendance is needed to hold a session in the chambers, no talks can happen and nothing can be voted on.

This puts a huge dent in securing all future elections for Texas.

The two officials did not tell the Post where exactly the Democrats were at the time due to fears Republican legislators and Texas police would apprehend them to force them back to the state capitol to conduct business, as is legally allowed by the chambers’ rules.

Just The News

They’re even evading law enforcement so they don’t have to conduct their official duties? Tell me again why these Democrats should be trusted with public positions. This isn’t the first time they’ve done this:

This is the newest walkout by Texas Democrats. In May, they staged a similar walkout stopping the legislature from voting on similar election bills. That caused Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott to call a special legislative session that started last week.

Just The News

This is so typical of the modern-day Democrats. When something doesn’t go their way they lie, cheat, play childish games, and steal elections!

Clearly, their core values don’t align with the U.S. Constitution or the oath they swore to.

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