Why Did Twitter Downplay COVID Victories in TX and FL?

Texas and Florida, both Republican states, have been seeing a huge decline in cases of COVID-19. Despite the push for lockdowns and Democrat warnings, they reopened early.

We’ve been told that lockdowns and mask requirements were the only way to save lives. This new information might change those assumptions.

However, Twitter doesn’t seem to like these facts. When the positive news started trending, someone added additional information seemingly to cast doubt on the reports.

Although social media platforms claim they are not publishers, a summary of the trending topic written by a Twitter employee sows doubt over the low case numbers emerging from Texas and Florida. President Joe Biden railed against Texas for lifting a mask mandate as “Neanderthal thinking.” Florida never had a statewide mask mandate.

“A Fox News report says that fully open ‘Republican-led states including Texas and Florida are reporting fewer coronavirus cases than Michigan, Pennsylvania and New York’, but many point out that it fails to clarify that the data is heavily influenced by reporting and COVID-19 testing in each state,” the platform attached as a descriptor to the trending topic.

President Joe Biden’s envoy on climate, meanwhile, former Secretary of State John Kerry, trended on the platform with no description as news surfaced Kerry leaked covert Israeli operations in Syria to Iranian adversaries.

The Federalist

It seems they will add “context” for the positive news stories they don’t like, and ignore ones they don’t want to draw attention to.

Twitter users started catching on to what was happening and snagged screenshots, thankfully.

Twitter still claims to have nothing against conservatives, but we keep seeing evidence of their bias. Even going so far as to try to downplay the success of states that refused to shut down their economy over a virus.