Why Hasn’t Joe Biden Delivered a State of the Union Address?

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It’s customary for an incoming U.S. President to deliver a State of the Union address shortly after taking office.

But here we are at the end of February and Biden has yet to deliver or even schedule a State of the Union.

Speculation has been swirling as to when the SOTU will take place. In fact, the Associated Press reported, “US President Joe Biden is expected to deliver the annual State of the Union address on 23 February 2021 (date is still to be confirmed).”

Of course, February 23 was two days ago. It came and went without any State of the Union.

It is not unprecedented for a President to not deliver a State of the Union. Jimmy Carter didn’t deliver one in 1977.

That said, if Biden doesn’t deliver a State of the Union before Sunday, “he will have eclipsed the modern timeline for presidents to give their first State of the Union Address.”

There’s plenty of speculation on Twitter as to why Biden isn’t talking.

We’ll continue monitoring the situation to see if the Biden administration offers a firm date for the State of the Union. But at this rate, we could be waiting a long time.

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