Will the Woke Mob Go After Uncle Sam Next?

Uncle Sam

With so many American figures from history getting attacked these days, their statues torn down, their memories desecrated, you have to wonder who will be the next target of the woke mob’s wrath?

Look out, Uncle Sam! You might be next.

Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam, the iconic cartoon figure most famous for his stern gaze and pointed finger on military recruitment posters saying, “I want you for U.S. Army” is now being looked at as a symbol that needs “updating to be more reflective of America today.”

According to Politico, Uncle Sam is outdated and it’s time for “something new.”

On President’s Day, did Politico publish some patriotic content about U.S. Presidents?  Uh, no. They instead pushed the idea of canceling Uncle Sam and turning him into Auntie Samantha or something else entirely different.

One of the positive things about this Politico media presentation on Uncle Sam is the history behind the Uncle Sam character. This is something patriots should know and the historical context can help you decide your opinion on this discussion:

Politico has already asked their readers to submit new renditions of Uncle Sam, and apparently they received a good response:

We can see in this tweet from a Politico video producer that they have a contempt for a certain U.S. demographic:

If you aren’t taking this whole thing about changing Uncle Sam seriously enough, remember all the statues that have been torn down, and all the movie heroes that have been revamped for politically correct reasons that have gone on to ruin the characters and stories from your childhood.

If you are not liking this idea to change Uncle Sam to be more “inclusive,” you are not alone. There are plenty of patriots on Twitter letting everyone know they don’t like this idea at all:

Since nobody owns the Uncle Sam character, the woke mob may have a harder time cancelling this icon.

If you want to join the discussion on social media to help keep the marxists away from Uncle Sam, be sure to use the hash tag #SaveUncleSam.

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