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Tim Scott Set to Back Trump Before New Hampshire Primary

Senator Tim Scott, a Republican from South Carolina, is set to officially declare his support for former President Trump this Friday evening. This announcement is expected to occur right before the upcoming primary in New Hampshire next week.

According to two individuals who are in the know, Senator Scott’s endorsement will be made public at a Trump rally in New Hampshire. Efforts to get a comment from the Trump campaign spokesperson were unsuccessful.

Senator Scott withdrew from the presidential race last November. Since then, he has been under significant pressure from Trump’s team to endorse their leading candidate.

It’s been noted that both Trump and former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley have been vying for Scott’s endorsement recently. Trump is trying to secure a decisive win in the primary race, while Haley, who had appointed Scott to the Senate in 2013 during her term as the governor of South Carolina, is struggling to keep her political aspirations afloat.

Recent polls in New Hampshire show Trump leading Haley by a substantial margin.

This development is also a setback for Haley in South Carolina, her home state, where the primary election is set for February 24. South Carolina’s support is critical for Haley’s already challenging bid for the Republican nomination.

Scott’s presidential campaign ended two months ago. His positive campaign message didn’t resonate with Republican primary voters, particularly in the early-voting states.

Throughout his campaign, Scott avoided criticizing the former president. He had expressed his support for Trump even before deciding to run for the presidency himself.