You’ll Never Believe Who NYC Hired to Perform For Their CHILDREN

Apparently, it’s bigotry to hire normal performers these days.

PBS, in partnership with the NYC Department of Education, has hired Little Miss Hot Mess to perform for our children.

Little Miss Hot Mess is a drag queen with big hair, big lips, and lots of glitter. During her performance for our children, she sang her own version of Wheels On The Bus.

“The hips on the drag queen go swish swish swish. All through the town.

The hair on the drag queen goes up, up, up. All through the town.

The shoes on the drag queen go stomp, stomp, stomp. All through the town”

Little Miss Hot Mess

According to her instagram, Little Miss Hot Mess performs for children all the time. Here’s a picture of her reading to children in an outfit that resembles a college girl at 2am on Halloween night doing the walk of shame.

Here’s another, just for fun.

And with that, we bid you good day.