11-Year-Olds Will Make Medical Decisions Without Parents Consent or Knowledge if This Bill Passes

What if your child could get the latest vaccine without your permission?

What if your child could make medical decisions without your knowledge?

Would that bother you?

These are serious questions as the District of Columbia wants to pass a bill that enables 11 year old’s to get vaccinated or make other medical decisions without any approval by the parent. In fact, the parent won’t even know it happened.

What makes this bill so important for all parents in the U.S. is if Congress doesn’t stop this bill, many states could soon follow the D.C. district’s example.

Even homeschooled children would be given legal authority to go to a doctor’s office and get a vaccine or other treatment as long as the physician determines the child meets the informed consent standard.

The good news is because the District of Columbia is not a state, every bill they pass must be submitted to Congress for a 30-day legislative review period. During this time, Congress can introduce a joint resolution of disapproval against the D.C. bill. The President must then sign the resolution during the review period for the D.C. bill to fail.

Otherwise, the bill becomes law.

This part of the bill is quite vague.

The bill does not describe who or how a child meets the “informed consent standard.” Parents are the natural decision makers, but when a child is away from home, like at a public school, this bill provides any 11-year-old the opportunity to get any shot, medication, procedure, or examination.

This gets even more disturbing when you discover that the bill also prohibits whoever is administering the vaccine or procedure from documenting this medical attention into the child’s normal medical record. The family physician will have no idea that a vaccination took place. The vaccine provider must submit documentation to the child’s school, but the bill also prohibits the school from providing this information to the child’s parent’s.

What this bill does is removes the parents completely from the process and then keeps both parents and the child’s physician from knowing any potential life-altering procedure was done to the child during school hours. This bill is about the government usurping power away from the parents.

Another motivator behind these types of bills could involve the ability to give underage teens hormone replacement therapy or other medical treatments relating to transgenderism.

You Can Stop This

This is a bipartisan issue–many Democrats won’t support something this outrageous. Only the fringe Left would want to disempower parents like this.

The clock is ticking, as the 30-day review period on this crazy bill has begun. You have time to contact your Congressional Representative and Senators to put a stop to this nonsense.

Representative Michael Cloud (TX) and Senator Mike Lee (UT) have introduced joint resolutions of disapproval against against this D.C. bill: SJ Res 7 and HJ Res 25.  Congress received the bill from the D.C. council on February 2, so time is critical.

If you are a parent or want to be one at some point, you will want to overturn this bill. Parents should be in charge of their children’s health, not some liberal bureaucrats working in an ivory tower. Many don’t even have children of their own.

Be sure to to your voice be heard on this issue asap. Ask your representative and senators to cosponsor these measures. CALL OR WRITE AN EMAIL DIRECTLY TO THEM NOW

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