Parents FURIOUS At School Board For Assigning Freshmen This Pornographic Book

A school board in Virginia is now under fire for assigning a book to freshman high schoolers that includes underage sex as well as domestic violence.

Below is a video of their parents reading graphic scenes from these books out loud in a courtroom. The discomfort is palpable.

We won’t include quotes of the books in this article to spare those readers that may be disturbed by their content.

At the end of the video, one parent walks through all the ways the school board violated their own rules when they acquired $1.8 million worth of the “trash books” for use in their schools. (And if you hear the excerpts from the book, it is indeed trash.)

This same school board is also under fire for teaching critical race theory, which focuses on the idea that white people are oppressors and black and brown people are oppressed. Teaching critical race theory to children will undoubtedly cause even more racism and division than we currently have.

This is just another example of how living in a blue state lessens the quality of life for its people.