Biden Tries To Discriminate Against Whites – Here’s What A Court Says


The Biden Administration has been discriminating against white business owners, according to a Texas court. The Small Business Administration grants are being prioritized based on the gender and race of the applicants. That means that straight, white, men are their lowest priority.

One man had enough of this “woke” idea that some races are more important than others, so he filed a lawsuit.

Philip Greer, a white male restaurant owner, filed a lawsuit against the SBA’s administrator Isabella Guzman, alleging violations of the Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause. He said his restaurant, Greer’s Ranch Café, lost nearly $100,000 in revenue during the coronavirus pandemic.

“The Small Business Administration lurches America dangerously backward, reversing the clock on American progress, and violating our most sacred and revered principles by actively and invidiously discriminating against American citizens solely based upon their race and sex. This is illegal, it is unconstitutional, it is wrong, and it must stop,” his lawsuit says.

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The judge, Reed O’Connor, thankfully saw things his way and put a temporary stop to the discrimination. O’Connor is a Bush appointee, so he has some sense. The SBA administration has been ordered to refrain from prioritizing applicants in this manner.

U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor found that Greer is “experiencing race and sex discrimination at the hand of government officials.”

LaCorte News

“Experiencing race and sex discrimination” Words that liberals love to abuse but refuse to admit can be applied to whites, as well.

But of course they’re mad that a court of law doesn’t support their hateful policies. 😂

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