Vaccinated People Now BANNED From Doing This Good Deed

Sources have just confirmed that vaccinated individuals are not allowed to donate blood plasma. Why not, you ask?

Because the vaccine wipes out your antibodies.

“The Red Cross says anyone who has received their COVID-19 vaccine cannot donate convalescent plasma to help other COVID-19 patients. The vaccine wipes out antibodies.”

News at 4

Wow. That’s suspicious. Don’t humans need antibodies to fight off diseases? Don’t we survive by creating antibodies each time we get sick?

But the vaccine kills off those antibodies? That seems counter productive.

And very scary.

If the vaccine is killing off COVID-19 antibodies, is it killing off our other antibodies as well? What about the antibodies we all have from the polio vaccine? Measles? Hepatitis?

So ask yourselves, what will happen if the roughly 40% of people who have taken the vaccine end up without any antibodies whatsoever?

But the bigger problem caused by this will be a lack of donated blood to help ailing patients. In fact, a blood shortage could soon become a very serious medical crisis.