CONFIRMED: Top GOP Figure Rents Room From RINO

Tucker Carlson revealed a shocking connection between two well-known GOP figures on his Monday show.

GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy is renting a room from pollster Frank Luntz.

The Gateway Pundit

Yes, that’s right. RINO pollster Frank Luntz, who recently got called out by Carlson for being a bad influence on the GOP, rents out a room to the GOP Leader!

You can see the full 5-minute segment here:

This raises a number of questions…

Frank Luntz lobbies on behalf on some of the world’s most left-wing corporations like Google and Nike, so how does he have so much influence over the Republican party?

The Gateway Pundit

Tucker said the apartments in Luntz’s DC building go for $5,000 a month, so the question is, how much money is McCarthy giving Luntz for rent?

The Gateway Pundit

Is McCarthy paying the fair market price of $5,000 a month for the DC apartment or is Luntz letting him stay there for free?

The Gateway Pundit

All three of these questions demand answers, from both Luntz and McCarthy.

Will we get them? Let’s wait and see.