Congressman Calls Out Biden, Says He’s Having This Type of Moment

After almost four months in office, it’s obvious that Joe Biden isn’t fit to lead our country.

He doesn’t have the physical or mental capacity or stamina to be president of the United States. There’s no way that Sleepy Joe is calling the shots or making his own decisions.

Now, a Congressman from Florida had the guts to call Biden out in public.

Congressman Joe Waltz (R-FL) attacked President Biden for his lack of leadership and said he’s having his “Jimmy Carter moment.

Waltz is a combat-decorated Green Beret. So he knows about good leadership from his time in the military. And knows when he sees bad leadership. Like the type we’re seeing from Quid Pro Joe.

The Congressman referred to the famous “crisis of confidence,” which Carter spoke about when he was President in the late 1970s. It was a period of American self-doubt, and a questioning of leadership – especially in the White House.

The similarities are striking and shocking. Like Yogi Berra would say: “It’s like deja vu, all over again.”

Higher inflation and much higher prices.

A vulnerable energy infrastructure.

Mass illegal immigration and a border crisis.

And a lack of strong, clear leadership to deal with these problems.

Waltz wrote in a recent op-ed:

“Our energy supply has been attacked by Russian hackers and now Americans across the southeast are standing in gas lines akin to the 1979 crisis during the Jimmy Carter Administration. All while President Biden has thrown the weight of the federal government behind killing pipeline construction that would fuel America and create jobs.”

Given his poor physical and mental health, There’s a very good chance Biden won’t serve out his full term as president. That means Vice-President Kamala Harris would become the new president.

We don’t see how she will be much better than Biden. Harris is a career politician with no private sector experience.

The only thing she’s known for is being a “woman of color.” So much for judging someone on the content of their character, instead of the color of their skin. As Martin Luther King Jr. accurately said over 50 years ago.

The ideal leaders are servant leaders, who act with the best interests of the people they lead. And the best example was that of Jesus Christ during his time on earth.

Joe and Kamala don’t care about serving others, but only themselves and their families.

American deserves better leadership than these career political hacks.