7 Governors Who Strongly Oppose Vaccine Passports

The White House recently announced that the federal government would not institute a national vaccine passport system due, in part, to certain Republican governors who’ve banned them in their states.

Here’s the list of governors who’ve either banned vaccine passports or expressed strong opposition and their intent to take action against them:

  1. Gov. Ron DeSantis – Florida
  2. Gov. Greg Abbott – Texas
  3. Gov. Tate Reeves – Mississippi
  4. Gov. Kim Reynolds – Iowa
  5. Gov. Brian Kemp – Georgia
  6. Gov. Henry McMaster – South Carolina
  7. Gov. Kristi Noem – South Dakota

Republicans in Ohio are taking preemptive steps to ban vaccine passports in their state. Pennsylvania, Arkansas, and Montana are also taking similar steps.

UPDATE, April 8, 2021: Idaho has now become the 3rd state to officially ban vaccine passports.