Grouchy Fauci Can’t Answer the Senator’s Question and It’s Enjoyable to Watch

Grouchy Fauci

All knowing virologist and longtime bureaucrat Anthony Fauci spent another day on Capitol Hill to testify on the topic of vaccines.

Removing his mask to speak, Fauci droned on for most of the day — until it was Dr. Rand Paul’s turn to ask some questions.

Dr. Paul has been grilling progressives a lot lately.

Watch as Dr. Paul corners Fauci with this question: What studies do you have that show people who have had the vaccine or have had the infection are then spreading the infection afterwards?

Fauci has been doing these types of meetings on Capitol Hill for decades, so he’s adept at talking around a question. He knows how to appear to answer a question when he really hasn’t answered the question.

Fauci tried this again today, but Dr. Paul just wouldn’t let up. Dr. Paul wrecked grouchy Fauci, and it’s fun to watch.

Fauci never comes up with a direct answer to Dr. Paul’s question on naming a study that shows vaccinated people or recovered people who had the infection can then pass the virus to other people. Because the study doesn’t exist.


When these two get together, it’s always good “theater.”

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