Head of World Council of Churches Points Finger At Israel Over Jerusalem Riots: Here is why

Palestinians are protesting Israel taking another neighborhood and shutting off a critical supply gate. Are world leaders beginning to shift their view of this ongoing conflict?

Rev. Ioan Sauca, acting general secretary of WCC, expressed his “deep distress at the plight of the Palestinian families of Sheikh Jarrah and at the unrest and violence that has ensued.” They continue to assist Palestine in their legal battle over the lands Israel has annexed.

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Of course, big tech is once again trying to force the narrative.

“Twitter is fighting the Palestinian content which exposes the crime of displacing Palestinians from Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, in Jerusalem,” said NewPress, adding that its English account has been suspended by the “Twitter administration.”


While Israel consistently claims it is for security, there is no doubt that for 40 years they have been systematically taking Palestinian land. Palestine is shrinking and their food and water supplies are being deliberately limited, placing them in crisis. Can there ever be peace while this is happening?