Just 1 Tweet Explains The Left’s REAL Agenda

The left was always a bit looney, but in recent years they’ve totally fallen apart. They’re more concerned with getting men access to women’s restrooms than helping the country.

Democrats invent new Independence Days and tell minorities that they’re not strong enough to fix their own lives. I always thought of it as just a type of mental illness, which it clearly is, but Marco Rubio realized it’s also part of a larger agenda.

One of the main ideas behind Marxism is that there should be no “classes.” Here in America, we don’t have those. Everyone can work themselves up to the top if they just put the work in.

That’s why the left has been trying to convince everyone that racism is a huge issue in the country. They want to invent divisions that just don’t exist in the USA so they can fix them. You can find people of every race at all income levels. It’s all about how hard of a worker you are, not your skin color.

Liberals will post about how Democrats aren’t Marxists, but then they will share things like this on social media.

They will lie about what their true plans are. Then they will continue to try to divide us all so they can tear us apart.

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