Liberals Are LIVID Over New Florida Protections

The Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis has upset the left by signing a new bill. The Fairness in Women’s Sports Act was passed by the Florida House in April and signed into law today. This bill offers protections to biological women from the dangers of males competing in women’s sports.

Multiple female athletes have been speaking out against the push to be “inclusive.” Allowing biological males to compete against women is leading to women being pushed out of sports entirely.

Selena Soule, a track and field athlete from Connecticut who was forced to compete against and lose opportunities to biological males for all four years of high school, spoke at the signing. “I remember what it was like to line up for the race already knowing the outcome long before the race started,” she said. “Biological males would dominate the field, leaving us girls to compete for third place and beyond.”

The Federalist

Liberals are ignoring the women who are actually affected by these issues. They only “believe women” when it suits them. They just continue to push forward with their trans agenda.

They continue to push against established science, claiming that men are women. The left is obsessed with the idea that men can become “real” women. They will attack anyone who suggests otherwise. It’s almost like a religion to them.

This is exactly why bills like this are needed. They protect women and allow them to compete against each other as they’ve done for years.

Congrats to Gov. DeSantis for standing up and protecting women’s sports!

  1. At the moment of conception your DNA is formed. Your sex, eye and hair color, blood type. No matter how many hormones/blockers you take or surgeries you have, you will NEVER change your sex. Your DNA is in every chromosome of every cell in your body. It is factual, provable, and scientific.
    Gender is completely different. It is how you feel. Everybody has the right to their feelings. It is not scientific, not provable, not factual. Your feelings are valid, but we can’t base laws on feelings rather than facts.

  2. PRIDE MONTH?!! Being a Sexual Pervert is NOTHING to be PROUD OF!! In ancient times Homosexuals were invited to a “Stoning Party”, as the “Guests of Honor”, and were STONED TO DEATH!!! GOD STILL looks upon Homosexuality and Transgender in the same respect today. If you were meant to be a female, YOU’D HAVE BEEN BORN A FEMALE!!! DON’T GO AGAINST GOD’S WILL!!!!

  3. I was born and raised in Florida, wouldn’t want to live anywhere other than here. is the Best Of The Best, and we thank God every day for him.

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