SHAME ON BIDEN: Downplaying THIS Serious Issue Is The New “Crime of the Century”

The Biden administration is downplaying the crisis at the border.

Here’s the story: the number of illegal immigrants invading the USA has skyrocketed even since President Trump left office (Fact Check: TRUE), and the reason is clear: we now have an “administration” in the White House who doesn’t think border security is crucial to our nation.

It’s important to remember – among this wave of illegal immigrants are violent criminals, cartel hitmen, child sex traffickers, and drug dealers.

Rep. Young Kim of California — one of the first Korean women to serve in Congress — responded to a tweet from fellow Californian, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, which included a clip of Vice President Harris’ Tuesday interview with NBC News where she falsely claimed to have traveled to the border.

Kim blasted the Biden administration’s response to the border crisis, saying the administration downplaying it only serves to empower “bad actors.”

“Downplaying the border crisis only empowers bad actors,” Kim wrote. “The Biden administration’s policies have strained our resources on the border, endangered migrants, undermined legal immigration [and] do nothing to secure our border.”

Fox News

Here is a tweet of Kamala Harris being questioned about the border and she responds in the usual leftist way – deflecting and gaslighting:

President Trump finally enforced immigration laws that were ignored for decades by previous administrations. Democrats are using children as political pawns in order to push their socialist agenda. Which includes open borders and abolishing ICE–which would result in a tsunami of drugs, gangs, human trafficking, and terrorism coming into our country unchecked.

We can’t let that happen!