NFL Player Becomes Focal Point of Liberal Agenda: Will His 10 Million Disappear?

In 2020 Denver Bronco fans were very disappointed to learn that their 10 Million dollar offensive tackle Juwan James, would be sitting out the whole season. Juwan could sit on his couch and play video games and still get paid (like so many other liberals taking enhanced unemployment instead of working). They all say they are afraid of COVID, but are happy to be paid.

Then Karma came knocking. NFL teams have a rule that players must work out at their practice facilities. Juwan didn’t follow the rules. Early this year he was working out away from the Broncos training facility when he damaged an Achilles tendon.

Just like that, 10 Million went up in smoke. If you injure yourself on your own time at your own place, you don’t get paid. Of course there would be whining.

Yes, Patrick Mahomes, luckily the Broncos will not have to pay a player for sitting on his couch or breaking the rules for a 2nd year in a row.

Injuries sustained while a player is working out “on his own” in a location other than an NFL facility are considered “Non-Football Injuries” and are outside the scope of a typical skill, injury and cap guarantee.

Of course, the NFL Players Union had to chime in with a ridiculous over the top fantasy opinion.

This memo is yet another sign of what they think of you and also affirms that they simply want to control you year-round in any and every way that they can

NFL Players Association

Come on, NFLPA are you serious? Juwan has been overpaid a total of 17 Million dollars in his NFL career. He is not a slave to the NFL. But liberals never miss a chance to cry racism or slavery these days.

I hope Juwan saved his money. As a Broncos’ fan myself, I say good luck and go with God, Juwan. You played 3 games in 3 years. Take your money and go sit on your couch for another NFL team.