The Real Russiagate: Biden’s Move Will Leave You Outraged

Democrats spend four years trying to tie down Trump with investigations. They pulled every trick in the book, trying to connect him to Russia. Now Biden is publicly giving them special treatment.

Russia has been trying to build a pipeline to supply oil to Germany. Back in 2019, Trump knew that the pipeline would give Russia more economic strength. He signed the National Defense Authorization Act, that included sanctions against companies that were working on the project.

The Biden Administration is now waiving those sanctions on two Russian CEOs. What a fantastic gift! Can we get some of that help with our own gas crisis?

Several Republican Senators, such as Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), continue opposing the pipeline’s construction, as it would give Russian President Vladimir Putin a major economic victory in the region and make Germany dependent on Russian oil from a pipeline running through Ukraine.

Waiving sanctions to give Putin a geopolitical victory would significantly damage Biden’s attempt to signal a “tough” approach on Russia.


This is all after Biden shut down the Keystone pipeline right here in America. On his very first day, he signed the executive order. Then another pipeline was held hostage by Russian hackers under his watch. As a result, we have insane gas prices all over the country.

Why would a president want to weaken the county he serves, but give a geopolitical advantage to another one? Are we going to see the hypocrite liberals in Congress demand an investigation over this? We both know they won’t.