This European Country Just Passed the Worst Face Mask Law in the World

Every time I think we’ve reached peak absurdity, some person, organization, or country says, “Hold my beer.” And they take absurdity to a whole new dimension.

Such is the case with one European country, which has now mandated face masks… while swimming in the ocean! Anybody who does not comply will be fined 100 euros.

This law is now in effect in Spain, where legislators have apparently taken their brains out of their heads and deposited them in the nearest dumpster.

Let’s think about how illogical this is:

  1. You’ll rarely if ever be closer than 6 feet to anybody in the ocean.
  2. Swimming with a face mask will make it nearly impossible to breathe or catch your breath.

I mean, can you imagine coming up out of the water with a wet face mask and trying to breathe? The wet face mask would suction to your nostrils and mouth, restricting air flow to almost nothing.

But the brilliant leaders of Spain have spoken. No swimming in the ocean without face masks!

I’m wondering who will be dumb enough to follow this new law. I’m also wondering how long it will take to record the first drowning death due to swimming with a face mask.

Whoever that person is who sacrifices himself on the altar of absurdly dangerous legislation should win a posthumous Darwin Award. I think we can all agree on that, can’t we?