This is Bad News for Coffee Lovers

The world’s largest coffee producer is facing a drought of biblical proportions.

Brazil is experiencing its largest drought in almost a century. The U.S. Department of Agriculture expects Brazil’s total 2021 coffee harvest to drop by its largest margin since 2003.

The nation’s estimated harvest of Arabica is projected to be 15 million 132-pound bags smaller than in 2020.

This drought is already causing coffee prices to surge.

“I’ve been growing coffee more than 50 years, and I’ve never seen as bad a drought as the one last year and this year,” Christina Valle, a third-generation coffee grower in Minas Gerais, Brazil’s biggest coffee-growing state said to the WSJ. “I normally take three months to harvest my coffee; this year it took me a month,” she said.

In addition, anti-government and workers’ rights protests in Colombia have kept beans stuck at ports. And, as a result of the pandemic, Vietnam has experienced an increase in shipping costs, which makes it more expensive to get coffee beans to various destinations.


The media is blaming the higher prices on not only the Brazilian drought, but also increased demand and “supply chain issues.”

You may want to sip your java slower this year.

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