Can you say, “President Harris”?

You see?! All of our reports about Joe Biden’s mental decline were not off base jokes!

What we have been reporting on Biden is now confirmed: he’s physically declining FAST.

There have been too many mental gaffes to ignore at the G7 summit in Cornwall, England.

There was the flub about the President of South Africa, where the other 8 leaders laughed over Joe’s mental mistake. There was the video of Biden wandering around lost, needing his wife Jill to intervene, taking Joe by the arm and leading him in the right direction.

Another embarrassing mental gaffe during the G7 summit was that time Biden confused Libya and Syria three times, showing the world his brain is mush at this point.

All of this so embarrassing. Maybe that’s why the fake news media is ignoring the Biden clown show?

Many signs now indicate Joe Biden will not remain President for much longer.

Like this indicator from Jack Posobiec:


Can you say, “President Harris?”

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