This Surprising Poll Might Restore Your Faith in Good Ol’ Common Sense

"I voted" badges on a desk

Former Trump pollster, John McLaughlin, recently revealed two surprising poll results in an interview for the OAN network.

  1. 78% of the voters support voter ID. And that goes across the board; it’s a popular opinion among African Americans and Latinos alike.
  2. 73% of voters think that cancel culture has gone too far and is becoming a threat to the basic human right of free speech

“People cherish their right to vote, and they don’t want somebody canceling it out. In previous polls we’ve done, 81% of all voters supported vote ID because they don’t want non-citizens voting.”


If you’re at all exposed to the mainstream media, it’s probably surprising that 4 in 5 people still want to uphold the common-sense voter ID laws and allow people to speak their minds.

The left is banging their fists so loudly on the issues; the hoopla is deafening.
So much so that you might get the impression that most of America has gone mad and now wants to allow non-citizens to vote or ban people from society for thinking differently.

That’s not what America is about, and this poll shows it.

Good for you, America!