Try Not to Lose It When You See What Jill Biden Promoted on Sesame Street

kermit sesame street

As we (fortunately) watch the Critical Race Theory crumble down under the weight of its own malice, we need to be on the lookout for other forms of the same dogma.

Based on what Jill Biden talked about in her appearance on Sesame Street, that lookout will need to start at the very top.

Carefully wrapped into a “military help program” (’cause who would protest helping the military), FLOTUS talked to a turquoise muppet Rosita about “race literacy.”

Now, what exactly is that, and how does it help military families?

Moreover, how does it help the kids?

Finally, who are you educating if the military is already more diverse than the general population?

These are all questions without answers.

Better yet, it’s all questions that the left will never answer because the answer is vile – it’s all about filling the heads of our kids with divisive thoughts and trying to pack it as “race education.”

Biden’s appearance will be a part of a new collection launched by the Sesame Workshop, which is a nonprofit organization geared toward providing resources to help veterans and military families build race literacy.

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