WATCH: Biden Loses Thoughts, Blanks Out, Needs Cue Card for Simple Question

Yikes! This is getting too embarrassing for America!

Over the holiday weekend, Joe Biden made a stop at some sort of country store – you can see a bunch of locally bottled honey in the background – and he ended up looking really bad for all the world to see.

The cameras were rolling when Joe stepped up to the cashier counter to pay for his purchase…maybe the question asked by a woman reporter surprised him? Maybe so. However, her question about Putin is one that the President should have easily handled.

Instead – we see Biden lose his train of thought multiple times.

The long pauses of silence are so awkward, you will cringe.

Biden mumbles until he remembers some notes in his jacket. He then reads the notes while everyone is standing there, then tries to answer her question – and he still appears lost on what to say.

Putin must be laughing his a** off right now.