WATCH: Fauci and Dr. Jill Visit Harlem – Angry Mob Does THIS

Public perception of Dr. Fauci has turned 180 degrees in the past ten days as Tony’s emails blew the lid off his public facade.

He’s not so saintly after all.

As the truth came out, Fauci had a terrible time last week – getting exposed as a liar while his book deal was put on hold.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden has not been popular with 75+ million voters. And his executive leadership so far is causing him to lose the support he did have before Jan. 20. (Don’t believe those fake polls on CNN.)

Then there’s Dr. Jill Biden…

Traditionally, Americans have not directed their ire on the First Lady, but after 4 years of the Left hurling buckets of venom at Melania Trump, we shouldn’t be surprised that Dr. Jill is not particularly popular with many Americans at this point, either.

So, what happens when these two controversial figures (Fauci and Dr. Jill) visit a Democratic Party stronghold like Harlem, NY?

You would probably guess they received a warm welcome.

But that’s not what happened today. In fact, the reception was mostly cold and hostile.

The modest crowd who did show up for their motorcade entrance into the city blasted Fauci and Dr. Jill.

Listen to the people boo loudly and scream in New York accents, “Fauci, you got your talking points from the CCP!”

“Fire Fauci! Fire Fauci! Fire Fauci!”

Man, it feels good to see people waking up to the evil that Fauci has helped faciliate over the last 15 months.

  1. get “real” WOKE America-Start seeing the LIARS for what they are-all part of the “indoctrination”-worked too look how easily we were “herded”-just like sheep-they call everyone “bad” for one reason or another and when in fact THEY ARE the new Hitlers-oh yeah they called Trump that too along with all the other hatred and vile they called him…..THEY are the HITLERS , Marxists, socialists, communists and they have been “herding” us for some time now. Their goal is to capture and destroy us as quickly as possible and they are doing as much damage as they can as quickly as they can ie: selling us out to China, destroying us financially-“giving” away as much money as they can—–Los Angeles won’t be the king of the homeless–it will be everywhere-WAKE UP!!!!!! It’s why we now have a president who “campaigned” from his basement-rather who let the Marxist/socialist/communist Hitlers of the media campaign for him – and the sheep bought it hook line and sinker-well get ready to sink-our America is already gone-there is no Democratic party-it is the Chinese Party…..right here “in River City” and they want it all………..

  2. I am a conservative Republican, I am so glad that Americans, all Americans both Democrats and Republicans can at least see the writing on the wall. We’re a long way from bipartisanship on plenty of issues I realize this. However, just like when 9-11-01 happened to our country we all put partisan agendas on the side and as countrymen we came together. Our safety and health are the important things that have no space for political bs. When Fauci lied to us for over a year and both Joe and Jill knew it, that crossed the line. He should be fired and at the very least Joe Biden should publicly apologize to us and President Trump. I know, I know, it’s not going to happen. However, they all knew he was telling us the truth. It didn’t fit with the mud slingers in the party so they covered it up and hoped for the best. The Democrats are starting to see that being “ awake “ is much better for everyone than being “ woke “.

  3. I agree with these people 100%.still trying to figure out what good is he and Jill Biden….she cheated on her husband behind his back …he threw her out of the house….what a pair of idiots

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